How about a gathering? Or a delightful escape? Do you want to feel warm or joyful or migratory or salt-encrusted? We do...

Clearly Beloved is a gathering of five musicians, friends and storytellers. They write and orchestrate songs about fishermen; homesteaders; the feeling you get the moment before a shark attack; the flight of a carrier pigeon. Having at their disposal guitar, drums, bass, violins, marimbas, vocals, hand bells, toy piano, viola and glockenspiel, they are not opposed to using anvil and hammer, when the song calls for it. Nor are they opposed to dancing a tango with large paper mache dolls when required. They have not written about heartbreak, but do have songs about baking bread.

Clearly Beloved was delighted to share the stage with renowned artists such as Faun Fables, Rachel Sages and Steve Fisk in Seattle, 2011.

If Clearly Beloved was a wagon train, then Jenn and Katie, songwriters, singers, and violinists, might be scouts who carry pistols and bring in game. Their bags are filled with provisions that will render any journey a thing of ease: Music degrees! Decades of experience on their instruments! Un-faded imaginations! Courage to forage ahead!

Clearly Beloved looks forward to the release of their EP, followed by a season of live shows in the Seattle area, along with plans for a West Coast tour in the near future. Off goes their wagon train--Clearly Beloved-- a labor of love, one member supporting the next. Do find them.